What are Infura’s daily limits?

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Daily Request Limits

Depending on your Infura plan, your Infura keys are allowed a certain number of daily requests, which you can always be increased in case you require more, either by upgrading your plan or purchasing a Request Pack.

At this time, there is no daily limit for the NFT API and Filecoin network.

Core (Free)

With the Core (Free) plan, the following limits apply:

100,000 Total Requests/Day
25,000 Ethereum Mainnet Archive Requests/Day


With the Developer plan, the following limits apply:

200,000 Total Requests/Day
100,000 Ethereum Mainnet Archive Requests/Day


With the Team plan, the following limits apply:

1,000,000 Total Requests/Day
1,000,000 Ethereum Mainnet Archive Requests/Day


With the Growth plan, the following limits apply:

5,000,000 Total Requests/Day
5,000,000 Ethereum Mainnet Archive Requests/Day

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