Getting Started With zkEVM

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The new, EVM-equivalent ConsenSys zkEVM private beta testnet is now available on Infura to selected applicants.

Sign Up for zkEVM

Eager to get started with ConsenSys zkEVM? At this time, a waitlist is in place, but new users are onboarded every day.

You need an Infura account to access the ConsenSys zkEVM network. You can create your Infura account before or after joining the waitlist.

➡️ Join the Waitlist

When Will I Get Access?

New users are given access to the private beta ConsenSys zkEVM testnet every day. When granted access, you'll receive an email confirming access to ConsenSys zkEVM. This email will also include details about your new zkEVM endpoints now available in your Infura account.

This email will have "ConsenSys zkEVM private beta endpoints are now live." as its email subject and is different from the waitlist confirmation email. If you have not received this email yet, please be patient; new users are added daily.

Deployed Dapps

Did you get access to the zkEVM private beta, and can't wait to get your feet wet with the network? Feel free to check out the Ecosystem Page, and play around with some of the Dapps already deployed to zkEVM.

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