Troubleshooting Bridging Issues

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The new, EVM-equivalent ConsenSys zkEVM private beta testnet is now available on Infura to selected applicants.

The ConsenSys zkEVM allows users to bridge Goerli ETH to zkEVM and back. For a complete guide, you can read more about Bridging Your Funds.

No Goerli Balance

Use a faucet to obtain some Goerli ETH. A balance of 0.1 Goerli ETH will be more than sufficient to try out the ConsenSys zkEVm testnet.

Read more about Funding your Account.

Unable to Bridge

Keep in mind that during bridging, 0.01 Goerli ETH is used for the bridge relayer fee. Try to have at least 0.02 Goerli ETH to bridge without any issues.

Bridged Goerli to zkEVM but Can’t See It

Most likely, your Infura account still needed to be approved for the ConsenSys zkEVM testnet. After signing up for the waitlist, once accepted, you will automatically receive another email with the endpoint details to access ConsenSys zkEVM.

You can read more about Getting Started With zkEVM.

I Have a Different Issue

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