Allowlisted but Cannot See Card in Infura Dashboard

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Did you receive an email from Infura saying that your ConsenSys zkEVM endpoints are now live, but are you unable to view the ConsenSys zkEVM card in your Infura Dashboard? This should help you further.

Note: this solution only works if you were notified by Infura by email, stating that your ConsenSys zkEVM endpoints are now live. If you have not received this email, wait until your account is added to the private beta.


Please follow the following steps to get access to your ConsenSys zkEVM endpoint, which you can use on the Testing Environment Setup page.

  1. Go to your Infura Dashboard, and click one of your API Keys to see its details.

  2. Copy the API Key, consisting of 32 characters.
    Example, this API Key is not valid.

  3. Go to the Testing Environment Setup page.

  4. On the Testing Environment Setup page, enter the following in the "Infura RPC Endpoint" field, and replace <YOUR_API_KEY> with the API Key you just copied:<YOUR_API_KEY>
  5. Finally, if your API Key was successfully added to the private beta, the following will be shown:

    If you do not see this, your Infura account has not yet been added to the ConsenSys zkEVM private beta. You can read more about Getting Started With zkEVM.




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