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Using the Infura testnet faucet

Are you looking to try out some Ethereum testnet transactions but don't have any test ETH to play with? The testnet faucet by Infura is here to help you get some testnet ETH for both Linea and Sepolia in no time!

Linea Mainnet Alpha is now live! If you're looking to get started with developing on Linea, we highly recommend using the Linea Testnet, a sandbox environment made for developers where you can test your applications and dapps. Learn more about connecting to Linea with Infura.

Requesting Linea Testnet ETH

  1. Head on over to the Infura Linea Testnet faucet at

  2. Log in to your Infura account, or create one if you're new to Infura.

  3. Enter your Linea address, and click 'Receive ETH'.

  4. ...aaand, that's it! Wait for the confirmation, and you should see your Linea Testnet ETH at the address you provided.

Linea Testnet

We highly recommend using MetaMask to interact with your Linea Testnet ETH, which already supports it by default. Not seeing the Linea Testnet as one of the networks in the network selector? You might have to enable testnets in your MetaMask settings first.

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